HR Team

HR Team

This ministry team is comprised of not fewer than five nor more than nine persons representative of the church. One of the members shall be a young adult and one member may be a youth. In addition, the lay leader shall be a member. No staff member or immediate family member of a pastor or staff member may serve on the committee. Only one person from an immediate family residing in the same household shall serve on the committee.

The responsibilities of the Personnel Team are as follows:

  • Encourage, nurture, and support the staff of Community Church.
  • Promote unity in the church through transparency and vision casting.
  • Direct policies that support health and self-care of pastors and staff.
  • Approve written job descriptions for staff members.
  • Review and approve the employee handbook on a yearly basis, or whenever an update is made available.
  • Approve the annual staff budget to be sent to the Finance Team.
  • Work with the Pastor on staff hires and changes. 


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